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Reversible Magnetic Float Sensor (FS-25)

Reversible Magnetic Float Sensor (FS-25)

  • FS-25

  • FS-25 1

  • FS-25 W

Additional Information

Min. Order Quantity 100 Piece(s)


Electrical Characteristics  
Contact Form A (Normally Open)  & B (Normally Close) (Single Switch) (Reversible)
Contact Rating, Max 10 W (50 W on Demand)
Switching Voltage, Max 100 VDC
Switching Current, Max 0.5 Amp DC
Ideal Operational Rating <10VDC and <50mAmp DC
Life expectancy- Switching cycles, Minimum 0.5 x106
Installation Vertical
Wire length 2 meters
Housing PP (& Stainless Steel)
Float PP Foam (& Stainless Steel)
Potting PU/ Epoxy
Basic Price(Exclusive of GST 18%)  
Rs.67/- Per Piece (Min. Qty.- 100 Pieces)