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Dc Switch for Ro Purifiers

Price : INR 120.00 / Piece

Dc Switch for Ro Purifiers

It is used in RO water Purifiers.

It is used for controlling the running time of Filteration by OFF and ON the motor.

It replaces physical float valves for RO purifier with Magnetic Level Switch.


Country of Origin India
Type NC
Brand Name Eminent Engineers
Max. Current 2.5Amp DC
Max. Voltage 24 Volt
Function Switch for RO Water Purifier
Poles Number Single

Additional Information

Product Code DCSRO-01
Min. Order Quantity 100 Piece(s)
Delivery Time 4 Days


Electrical Characteristics  
Input Voltage Rating 24V DC 
output Voltage Rating 24V DC 
Current  Carrying, Max 2.5 Amp DC
Wire length 8 inch
Magnetic Float Sensor FS-37, Type-B (NC)
Basic Price(Exclusive of GST 18%)  
Rs.120/- Per Piece (Min. Qty.- 100 Pieces)
Remark It is used in domestic Water Purifiers instead of float ball.
It is connected in between SMPS and rest of load components.
It on/off the supply as per the water level in same way as done by float ball.
It also operate even if RO Machine is installed tilted at customer end. It has long life as compared to float ball