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Ac Switch for Ro Water Purifiers

Ac Switch for Ro Water Purifiers

  • ACSRO-01 Front

  • ACSRO-01 Rear


Electrical Characteristics  
Input Voltage Rating 24V AC 
output Voltage Rating 24V AC 
Current  Carrying, Max 4AMP AC
Wire length 1.5 METER
Magnetic Float Sensor FS-772S
Basic Price(Exclusive of GST 18%)  
Rs.550/- Per Piece (Min. Qty.- 100 Pieces)
Remark It is used in domestic Water Purifiers instead of float ball.
It is connected to AC supply directly. It works as power supply for RO purifier.
Magnetic Sensor is assembled inside the water tank.
It switches ON the power supply to RO when water level goes down to lower sensor float and switch off when water raises to upper sensor float.